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Wolf Commercial Roofing, Inc. is a full operations provider to anyone who has or is involved with the maintaining, construction of or servicing of commercial properties,

By being a Licensed Installing Contractor for Firestone Building Products, Johns-Manville, Carlisle SynTec Systems and Durolast – All Industry Leaders and the largest Manufacturers of Commercial Roofing Systems / Products – Odds are good we will have the products on hand required for any project – and can maintain any of these system warranties while performing service work.

To that end, we have listed services that may meet your requirements and management needs.

  • Existing Roof System Inspections
  • Enhanced Roof System Analysis /Evaluation
  • Roof Service Maintenance Agreements
  • Roof Budgetary Planning Cycle Replacement
  • Emergency Roof Services – 24/7
  • Non-Emergency Roof Repairs / Services
  • Roof Penetrations/ Flashings Services
  • Partial/Full Existing Roof Removal-Replacement Operations
  • New Construction Roof System Applications
  • Metal Roof System Maintenance
  • Metal Roof System Overlay Replacements
  • New Architectural Metal Roofing Systems
  • Full Line Architectural Sheet Metal Services

Click below to view the services we offer in commercial roofing, architectural sheet metal and roofing repairs:


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