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Wolf Commercial Roofing, Inc. – a New Company – Long on Commercial Roofing Experience!!

We recently purchased the assets of Northern Indiana Roofing & Sheet Metal Corporation (NIR).

NIR has been in business in the South Bend Area for the last 10 years, starting out in residential, and over the last several years moving into the commercial marketplace.

NIR was part of the “Sircey Group” 3 companies located in South Bend, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis with combines sales around 22 million dollars.

Our President and Owner, Mark Wolf, over the last 4 years served as Business Manager for the “Sircey Group” for all three locations. It has always been his dream to own and mold a Commercial Roofing Company, taking all he has learned from his over 40 years of experience (See Mark A. Wolf Biography and Work Resume in “Our Team Section”) in the Indiana Commercial Roofing Marketplace – Both the Good and The Bad!!- and grow a Quality, Safety Minded – Customer Oriented Business that could provide all the services he understands are required in a competitive and at times complicated industry.

With that desire, the opportunity created itself at the end of 2017 when the owner of NIR decided to cut back his work-load and offered the purchase of NIR assets to Mark Wolf – Thus “Wolf Commercial Roofing, Inc.” was created! 

About Us
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Our Team

Mark Wolf

Mark A. Wolf

President, Owner

Years of Roofing Experience: 41
Hobbies/Activities: Golf, Camping, Reading, study history, politics, Motorcycles, watching sports & old movie nut
Key to Success at Work: Focus, time management - caring about the company & the Industry, but understanding your priorities in life - and why we work.
Key to Success in Life: Be content with who you are- where you are- while striving to achieve your goals in life -- put faith, family, friends and country first.

Adam Tener

Adam Tener

Senior Project Manager

Years of Roofing Experience: 10
Hobbies/Activities: Any outdoor activity, sports, riding bikes, playing with my kids.
Key to Success at Work: Organization and time management
Key to Success in Life: Do your best, never give up and know everything will work out in the end.

Clarence Tribbey

Clarence D. Tribbey

Field Operations Manager

Years of Roofing Experience: 23
Hobbies/Activities:  Camping, spending time with family
Key to Success at Work: Focus, time management, caring about the company and the industry
Key to Success in Life: Focus and hard work

Michael J. Ross

Michael J. Ross

Sales Director

Hobbies/Activities: Classic British Cars, Notre Dame and Chicago Bears Football, Snow and Water Skiing, Gardening
Key to Success at Work: Persistent work ethic. Thankful to fellow workers for their commitment and service to the company.
Key to Success in Life: I deeply appreciate family and friends and treat them accordingly. Being compassionate to those that are less fortunate.

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Hobbies/Activities:  Camping, movies, motorcycles and firearms, arts & crafts, reading
Key to Success at Work: Treat everyone with respect, customer service is 100% all the time, Give 110%
Key to Success in Life: Treat others how you wish to be treated. Stand up for what you believe in.

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